1. Hey guys,

    So after many post-less months i’ve decided to rejoin tumblr. However, I will most probably create a new url with a different blog theme. I’ll keep yall posted! Much Love xoxo

  2. I have met the most wonderful boy.

    I havent felt this secure about myself in awhile, even when I was with someone I thought I loved.

    Live is Good.

  3. So I have this crush on you. I'm scared to let you know who I am because I know you won't like me back. But I want you to know what you are amazing and that you are beautiful. You will do amazing things. And whoever wins your heart will be so lucky.

    This is so kind thank you so much, and I’m sure you will do amazing things too. You should just let me know who you are,never discredit yourself!

  4. what have you been up to this summer? i hope all is well xx

    I’ve just been busy,looking at colleges and the such! Thank you,you too my dear! XoXo

  5. I kinda had a crush on you last year but I never admitted to being bi but I just want you to know that you're beautiful and awesome

    Thank you so very much!! I wish you the very best!

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